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Macy’s Windows

Macy's Window Display 2011

Magical. That one word sums up the window displays at Macy’s New York store. Their windows were designed by award-winning Paul Olszewski. One window is in 3D technology with a story that unfolds before you. Another window allows you to design your own ornament to take home. Together they all were part of the magic. The windows were in the spirit of Make-A-Wish Foundation. This is what one window read, “Gathered by unknown enchanted beings and drawn aboard a magical ship, wishes from far and wide become rare and beautiful ornaments.” I was going to make a collage of them like I did with the Tiffany window displays. But, there is so much going on and they are so gorgeous I wanted to share them in a larger way. This is just a sample of their many fantastic windows. As you can see in the last picture they were quite long. You can see in a couple of the pictures that there are designers names in the windows. These were people who had inspired Christmas trees that Macy’s auctioned for Make-A-Wish Foundation. And inside Macy’s you could pick up a fancy ornament with their name on it.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Bake, eat, love.

Macy's Window Display 2011

Macy's Window Display 2011

Macy's Window Display 2011


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2 thoughts on “Macy’s Windows

  1. Whoa looks amazing

  2. Thanks for sharing. The windows are beautiful. It’s nice that they are doing this on behalf of the Make a Wish Foundation and supporting a worthwhile nonprofit with these lavish designs.

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